Advanced Attribution: Tracing the Customer Journey

Today, the purchase-decision journey for online consumers takes many paths – video, social, mobile apps, email, display advertising, TV and other impressions have all combined to influence a customer's decision to act. Marketers are tasked with figuring out how their ad campaigns are influencing those conversions, as well as performing against their advertising objectives or key performance indicators (KPIs.)

Adometry Attribute

Calibrating Data to Ground Truth: Measuring Ad Campaign Effectiveness

The good news for marketers is that there are an ever-increasing number of channels through which they can reach their customers. The bad news is this proliferation of channels, the advent of real-time bidding, and the shear volume and velocity of data produced has made intelligent media buying unmanageable, if not unfeasible.

As a result, accurately charting, measuring and optimizing the performance of each channel, strategy and tactic in your total marketing mix is all but impossible, leading marketers to rely on meaningless metrics such as click-through rates or faulty attribution methodologies such as last click.

Adometry provides a data-driven attribution solution that delivers clear and demonstrable insights into the real performance of your media. By comparing our calculations with A/B test results – ground truth – we achieve near perfect prediction performance.