Adometry AttributeFlexible Integration

The challenge for most marketers is that their data resides in multiple systems with no easy way to tie everything together. Adometry Attribute simplifies onboarding all of the data across these silos and organizes it into a central data repository to make analysis feasible.


Automatically "Push Out" Insights and Actions

Adometry Attribute Adometry's PhD research team is an integral part of each engagement and supports the client with any custom reporting requirements. Once the data has been ingested and analyzed, Adometry pushes the insights out to Attribute's web-based GUI so users can interactively manipulate the reports. All reports are exportable into Excel as well.

Fractional attribution results may also be pushed out to real-time bidding platforms through daily, automatic data feeds.


End-to-End Client Support

Adometry Attribute

Attribution requires the alignment and coordination of multiple assets – not just the data – including technology, analytical skills, and resources. Left alone, there is little chance that these elements will come together by themselves, never mind correctly. Adometry offers its clients end-to-end support that encompasses implementation, training, and analysis and optimization services with a dedicated implementation team that represents over 120 years of media buying and planning expertise.