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Affiliate Attribution: Putting the Pieces Together

Posted on by Casey Carey

Recently I was reminded of an article from a little more than a year ago titled, “2013: The Year of Affiliate Attribution?” It’s an interesting take and worthwhile read for those interested in affiliate marketing and the associated measurement challenges. … Continue reading

Data-Driven CMOs: Leaving the Information Age

Posted on by Casey Carey

Remember the so-called “Information Age”? Once a catch all for all things technological, over time the term came to refer to the transition to a society in which individuals had access to a wealth of information to aid in decision-making – … Continue reading

Cross-Channel Marketing Digest: World Cup Edition

Posted on by Casey Carey

This month’s Cross-Channel Marketing Digest focuses on fútbol and brand marketing on a global stage.  Like so many, I’ve dedicated a fair share of time to this year’s World Cup coverage. While the drama and activity on the pitch has … Continue reading

Marketing Measurement: Answering the Hard Questions

Posted on by Casey Carey

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Demand Metric Digital Marketing Summit where I co-presented findings from Demand Metric’s new 21st Century Marketing Manifesto whitepaper with Jerry Rackley. I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual format, engaging discussion and thoughtful questions. … Continue reading

Why All The Fuss About Data-Driven Attribution?

Posted on by Casey Carey

In recent weeks, attribution has been among the hottest topics in marketing circles, generating considerable buzz, conversation and debate in media outlets and at industry events. Despite all of this commentary, attribution remains a somewhat misunderstood concept outside of the core performance marketing … Continue reading

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