Click Forensics Simplifies Quality Scoring

Adometry's Click Forensics is the leading online click traffic quality management solution. Click Forensics provides actionable insights for both upstream and downstream click traffic for performance-based ad networks. In addition to an innovative predictive click quality scoring engine, it is powered by the most advanced click fraud detection engine trained on a massive, real-world data set consisting of billions of paid clicks from hundreds of advertisers, publishers, and ad networks. Adometry's Click Forensics product gives users control over what to show, and to whom.  Our scoring allows users to restrict delivery to certain sites within their networks.

Click Forensics Scoring Engine


By monitoring client click-streams, Click Forensics can identify invalid and low quality traffic which can be traced back to the source. With Click Forensics' traffic quality management platform, media planners have instant access to specific and actionable information allowing for agile decision making and increased ROAS.

Average Click Score