Data-Driven and Scientifically Proven Methodology

The increasing complexity of the digital marketing landscape has hindered the promise of digital marketing's improved measurability. Rather than navigate the complexity to determine the right metric to measure and optimize, marketers have resorted to depending on fruitless metrics such as click-through rates (CTR) or simple attribution methodologies such as "last click." Further complicating measurement is the cross-interaction between online and offline worlds where visitors who are exposed to offline marketing go online to make purchases or vice-versa.

Adometry's marketing analytics are based on the ground truth and a scientifically proven methodology. Adometry Attribute addresses the flaw of simple, last-ad or event attribution by intelligently understanding the influence of multiple prior events – even the ones that don't end in a conversion – and weighing the importance of each media touch-point (display, search, email, social, video and offline events) in the path.

Adometry Attribute is a true cross-channel marketing measurement solution that:

  • Helps advertisers manage and measure their media spend across both digital and offline media channels
  • Unifies silos of data, providing continuous performance improvement and yielding greater returns on ad spend
  • Helps marketers solve big data challenges and achieve optimal results through advanced data mining techniques built on top of impeccable science.

Adometry Attribute

The Most Granular Data for the Most Accurate Results

Adometry performs a bottom-up attribution analysis in which the data determines how much weighted credit is attached to a channel, campaign, creative, or placement. Attribution weights are determined dynamically by analyzing 100% of the data. We look at the most granular data, including but not limited to the following:

  • Every search keyword
  • Every social action
  • Audience segments for every event
  • Every impression creative
  • The recency of impressions
  • The viewability of every impression

The end result is an objective representation that accurately reflects the real performance of all the touch points.

Proven Results

Adometry AttributeAdometry validates its attribution results in a number of ways: at an aggregate level via a lift analysis, through simulation on artificially generated data, or through control groups to prove the values obtained.

Optimization results are tested with K-fold cross validation and achieve nearly perfect prediction performance.