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Measure like never before with TV attribution.

TV attribution allows you to create even stronger connections with your customers by revealing how they think and act after exposure to your brand. Reveal unique insights into how your TV spend translates to online action, uncover actionable data in real time and optimize your buy – all to position your brand for success.

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"Our partnership with Adometry has allowed us to gain a clearer vision, and to evaluate TV creative performance in ways never before possible."

CMO - Financial Services Company


Connect with customers on a whole new level.

When consumers see your brand on TV they often use a second screen to search for your product or visit your site. Adometry by Google allows you to leverage this multi-screen behavior to provide you with a new level of insights to better optimize your offline investments.

  • Actionable

    Optimize your TV Spend.

    TV attribution provides a wide range of data to deliver the most granular and actionable recommendations. You can see which networks, programs, ad lengths and creative are most effective at motivating customers to interact with your product online.

  • Data-Driven

    Investigate with more granularity.

    By analyzing website and search query activity after spots air, Adometry can determine the impact of traditional media investments -- at the spot level. Our advanced machine-learning models sort through the digital noise, even when TV spots air simultaneously, to compute the incremental impact of each spot at the most granular level.

  • Quick & Easy

    Focus on results.

    Our practiced onboarding approach and industry leading partnerships make data onboarding quicker and easier than traditional TV analysis -- allowing you to spend more time acting on insights and less time tracking down data sources.

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Measure TV just like online marketing.

TV attribution allows you to connect the dots between TV airings and the actions your customers are taking online. Each time your tv spot drives website traffic or search query spikes, you glean valuable insights into ad performance. See how Nest was able to assess and improve their TV campaigns through the use of minute-by-minute TV attribution analysis.

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Turn TV insights into measurable actions

Hosted by Adometry by Google with Nest Labs.

Learn tips and tricks to get the most of your TV marketing investments. You'll hear how our top clients leverage minute-by-minute TV attribution and multi-screen analysis to improve their TV campaigns.

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5 ways to use digital to amplify your TV marketing

"As marketers it’s our job to understand the shift in customer engagement and act accordingly."

Natasha Moonka — Product Marketing Manager, Adometry by Google

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Case Studies

Our success stories.

March Madness

One national lender turned to Adometry’s TV Attribution to assess consumer search behaviors motivated by a seasonal contest campaign. The lender’s search team was able to learn whether or not it increased brand awareness with consumers who might actually need a mortgage.

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TV & Radio Drive Online Activity

A leading financial services company ran multiple TV and radio ads but still struggled to answer a basic question about their media spend. Do consumers exposed to traditional advertising channels take online action? The results revealed mass media’s influence on the customer journey.

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